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William Morris Art Images

William Morris, St. George cabinet 1861-1862 - designed by his friend Philip Webb and painted by Morris himself

Latest: I wrote two articles on William Morris and Arts and Crafts:

Before Roycroft and Stickley... Before the term "mission-style" increased the price of anything with slats, there was the English Arts and Crafts movement, there was William Morris, and with him the PreRaphaelite Brotherhood.

William Morris patterns have been popular since the end of the 19th century and have never lost their appeal. With Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Arthur Hughes, his lifelong friend, Edward Burne-Jones, and the other preRaphaelites, he changed the direction of English art, architecture, and design -- and began a return to values of craftsmanship and quality materials that continue to enjoy a renaissance in these areas. I write more about this in my article, On William Morris: The Soul of Arts and Crafts. I also love Terri Windling's article on the Preraphaelites and Writers of Fantasy and recommend it to you highly.

William Morris 2011 Calendar: The Art Passions 2011 William Morris calendar is available here. It's not your usual mish-mash of textiles, I promise.

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Red House

The first William Morris Tiles were created for Red House, Morris's first married home. He handpainted the porch tiles himself for Red House:

The tiles in the image are faded. Although each tile was painted individually, and hence there is some vriation, they probably looked more like:

Si Je Puis tile, William MorrisTudor Rose tile, William Morris

Other tiles from Red House were blue and white farm birds, and were represented in yellow and black in stained glass in the upstairs corridor. These birds, designed by architect Philip Webb, were also painted by hand. Later Morris & Co. tile offerings included an expanded set of bird tiles by Philip Webb.

Red house tile: Cock by William MorrisRed house tile: Duck by William MorrisRed house tile: Goose by William Morris

Red House was designed for Morris by his friend, architect Philip Webb. Its location was along the path that the pilgrims would have walked in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Morris professed that Chaucer was his chief master in poetry, and much of Morris's poetry (particularly, The Earthly Paradise follows Chaucerian meter and other subtle patterns. Morris created Red House as a Chaucerian home, with medieval tapestries and themes throughout.

Morris & Co. Tiles

Morris, Marshall, Faulkner and Company ('the Firm') was created over an amiable dinner at the Morris home, Red House. Founding members included William Morris himself, Edward Burne-Jones, Rossetti, Ford Maddox Brown, Philip Webb, and Charles Faulkner. Marshall, a friend of Ford Maddox Brown, took little part in the artistic activities of the firm and served as accountant.

The first tiles were non-pictoral flower patterns:

William Morris floral tile: ColumbineWilliam Morris patterned tile: LongdenWilliam Morris patterned tile: Peterhouse Diaper

but became more ornate and included story tiles such as the fairy tale fireplacepanels:



Beauty and the Beast

Sleeping Beauty

(click the images to see the whole panel)

William Morris Wallpaper for Web Pages

These are seamless (or pretty close) William Morris wallpaper patterns. To save, position your mouse over the image, right click and choose Save As. Please don't link directly to these images on your own page. (If you don't know what that means, then you probably won't.) If you have any questions, you can ask me.

Membland tile pattern

Membland Tile Wallpaper


Strawberry Thief



Daisy, light

Daisy, Light

Daisy, dark

Daisy, Dark





Peterhouse Diaper tile

Peterhouse Diaper Tile

Columbine Tile

Columbine Tile (see how it looks)

Raised Pattern

Raised Pattern wallpaper


Medway wallpaper

Bird and Vine

Bird and Vine

I am adding new information and images to this page. The old page is below this point.

Old Collections

Daisy Collection 1 : Selected William Morris patterns and wallpapers.

Orange Acanthus

Blue Acanthus


Blue Wandle




Small Wandle










angel window Collection 2: Selected images of William Morris tapestries, stained glass, arts and crafts.

Tile Mural (Burne-Jones)

Library Windows

Stained Glass Angels


Dye Book: 1882 - 1891
Dye Book: 1882 - 1891
Book of Verse 1870

Book of Verse 1870

Kelmscott Chaucer

Kelmscott Chaucer

The Rubaiyat
Rubaiyat 1872

Preraphaelite Collection :
Selected images of Hughes, Rossetti, Hunt, Morris, Waterhouse, Millais, Ford Maddox Brown, and others. Pre-Raphaelites are moving to their own page: Please stand by.... Meanwhile, there are some here.

Morris Resources (Fonts and Other Stuff You Can Buy )

William Morris Art Prints at Artsy Craftsy

William Morris, Trellis Wallpaper William Morris, Evenlode fabric William Morris, Flowerpot Cushion Strawberry Thief Membland Tile William De Morgan Tile

The above links will take you to a listing of currently available William Morris prints on fine art paper, with more to be added.

William Morris Designs in Tile

Morris Tile.

Looking for William Morris Books?

William Morris.

William Morris Tile

Morris-designed rugs at Burrows

Looking for William Morris Art Prints or Posters?

In addition to the William Morris art prints available at Artsy Craftsy, there are a limited number of prints and several tapestries available. Browse the William Morris gallery. Or try a general search (by artist, subject, or title).

If you have your heart set on a particular print, I'll try to help if I can.

William Morris Tapestries and Textiles

Find William Morris Tapestries at William Morris Tapestries.

William Morris Designs

Morris designs for textile, stained glass, bookplates, tapestries, calligraphy, wallpapers, paintings, drawings, furniture, more.


The Scriptorium offers art fonts (sometimes called dingbats) and traditional fonts based on various lettering. I bought several based on William Morris lettering (such as that in the logo).

You can download a demo version of many Scriptorium's fonts in Zip format or Stuffit for MacOS. (Pick up extraction utilities here.) Installation instructions are included. You can also download a sample version of the font of the month.

Where to Buy William Morris Prints: You can find Morris & Co. art prints at Artsy Craftsy.

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